Knife Sharpener-Adjustable Sharpening Angles


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  • 2-STAGE SHARPENER – Home Smiths Hub Adjustable Angle Pull-Through Knife Sharpener has two stages of sharpening, coarse and fine, for all types of straight-edge knives and features a fixed angle slot for sharpening serrated edge blades.
  • VERSATILE – It’s a must-have outdoor accessory and will quickly sharpen fillet knives, pocket knives, hunting knives, and various-size hooks! The 2-stage adjustable sharpening slots feature a grind on both sides for quick & efficient sharpening.
  • ADJUSTABLE ANGLE – This versatile sharpener features 6 angle settings (14-24 degrees). Simply turn the knob to adjust the coarse and fine abrasive components to match the grind angle of your knife & pull your knife through the slot(s).
  • NON-SLIP BASE – The adjustable angle slots for straight blades and the fixed-angle slot for serrated edges, make it quick & easy to sharpen a variety of knives. The sharpener features a soft grip handle & a non-slip base for comfortable safe sharpening.
  • REPLACEABLE BLADES – The carbides and ceramic rods are replaceable so no need to buy a whole new sharpener, just replace the abrasive components and keep on sharpening. This compact tool is great to have when fishing or hunting.


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